Uppada of the East Godavari

This work was done with the Uppada weavers of the East Godavari region of An cotton dhra Pradesh. These weavers had been working with mill made korean silk.  As one of the design interventions, khadi wefts were introduced to add a new texture to the fabric and make it more sustainable.

With the use of Jacquard as well as hand inserting extra wefts, interesting textures were created. Weavers were encouraged to push boundaries with the limitations of the jacquard by breaking, repeating, skipping the pattern etc. Tone on tone yardages, dupattas and sarees were produced as a result of this intervention.

This work was done for the Jiyo project of the Asian Heritage Foundation.



Capture One Sessio3906

Capture One Sessio3892

The temple

Capture One Sessio3867Capture One Sessio3835Capture One Sessio3832PRP1

Flora yardage





Capture One Sessio3882Capture One Sessio3886

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