Textures of ancient Nalanda

Nalanda was a seat of learning and one of the oldest residential universities in the ancient kingdom of Magadha, established during the Gupta dynasty in the 6th century AD. The Chinese monk Xuanzang said, ‘it was at Nalanda where an azure pool winds around the monasteries, adorned with the full-blown cups of the blue lotus,…

Uppada of the East Godavari

This work was done with the Uppada weavers of the East Godavari region of An cotton dhra Pradesh. These weavers had been working with mill made korean silk.  As one of the design interventions, khadi wefts were introduced to add a new texture to the fabric and make it more sustainable. With the use of…

Fabric Ceiling Lamps for ARK, Baroda

These lamps are made with metal and natural white fine cotton fabric. Fabric textures include pleating, pin tucks, reverse pleating and fabric folding. A language of vertical lines formed by these techniques was followed to make this ensemble. They are installed in the conference room of Ark, an office space and art gallery designed by…

The excitement of testing new blocks!

Fish/ My favorite. The print has 3 parts ( 3 Blocks) that can be used individually. Each block is carefully handcrafted to show intricate details.  

An opportunity to work on a special piece for Artist Dana Awartani

Artist Dana Awartani made this beautiful piece for the Kochi Biennale 2016-17. I helped execute the piece and it was a humbling experience. These were 8 intricately hand embroidered, white sheer fabric pieces hung beautifully at the David Hall in Kochi. Photos by Dana Awartani, from Instagram and process photos by me

Patola weaving, Gujarat

  A photo journal of the traditional ikat weaving technique of Gujarat called ‘patola’. I am looking forward to do some work with this community of weavers soon. A dyed warp, ready to be woven Warp on the loom Dyed weft yarn, ready to become bobbins and be woven to match with the weft.  …

Sheer white sampling for a home in an orchard

Gorgeous home in an unending orchard is on its way. Inspired by all the life around the beautiful bear brick structure, here’s a sneak peek into some textiles that will adorn this space. These sheer whites and many more will soon become large panels and unending curtains to merge with the outdoors.  


Drapes and Blinds – Customised and styled    

Branded aspirations

This installation was a response to a project under the theme “Laws of the Market” at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology Bangalore. The Installation is a jacket made with tags of luxury and mid range Brands found in the fakes market of Bangalore. This wearable installation is a comment on accessibility and purchasing…

Bangalore-moodboarded & screen printed with love

I poured my heart into this project, because it was my last one in the lovely city of Bangalore. It involved making mood-boards, printing on paper I made from scratch, working with maps, water colours converted to screen prints and ofcourse making this summer dress! Mood boards made with loved objects that my room-mates and…